Wintec Pro Stock Saddle With Standard Swinging Fender




The Wintec Pro Stock with Swinging Fender is perfect for scenic and long distance rides, high-speed activities, or starting young horses. The grippy, comfortable seat and traditional design ensures you will be supported and balanced regardless of the pace – the Swinging Fender model is personal preference, not only does it add a little authenticity, but not having stirrup leathers can be more comfortable for all day riding. This weather-proof, worry-free saddle means you can ride anywhere, any weather, any day and simply hose it off after your ride! For your horse, they will enjoy the super-soft panels which mold in and around their muscles, hugging their conformation, so you can ride all day with the peace of mind that they are comfortable too!

Super-soft deep seat | Super-soft panels

Weight: 10 kg/22.1 lb

 Wintec saddles feature all of the benefits of Horse and Rider Technology… we call this                                                     HART. For more information please visit

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Black, Dark Brown


Large, Medium, Small

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