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Safe-T-Tie is a revolutionary way to safely tie your horse. It is a highly engineered nonmetal attachment that will hold strong under normal circumstances but to break-away if a panic situation occurs (appox. 250 lbs of pressure with momentum). Portable and reusable, Safe-T-Tie is a horse safety release we believe no horse owner should be without.

Whenever you tie your horse, it is great to feel comfortable in the knowledge that doing so will not reinforce a bad habit or cause the potential for an accident that could lead to severe injury or even death. A safer alternative to solid tying or using a temporary solution such as baling twine to tie up a horse, Safe-T-Tie eliminates horse-tying problems. When horse tethering with a lead rope, simply attach Safe-T-Tie to the lead and you’re all set.

Safe-T-Tie has five simple loop settings, Safe-T-Tie is strong and sturdy. Whatever level of resistance you choose, Safe-T-Tie will release when placed under sudden, severe pressure.

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