Premium NZ Horse Minerals 4kg


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The highest spec, most comprehensive blend of Vitamins & Minerals made in New-Zealand. Where appropriate minerals are present in their organic, chelated, bio-available forms. Premium is a fine powder with a light vanilla flavour.

No Banned Substances

Formulated especially to suit our NZ conditions, they are based on information gathered from conducting forage tests plus feedback from a growing number of happy horse owners achieving their desired result: calm, healthy horses.

Perfect for keeping your horses in optimal health no matter what you are doing, from Trekking to Pony Club, Racing, Showing, Dressage, Endurance. Ideal for pregnant mares, breeding stallions and growing horses.

Being so rich in organic minerals ensures their effectiveness. This puts your mind at ease that your horse isn’t either missing out or doubling up.


The dose rate is 15gms per 100kgs.
For minis weighing 120kgs that is only 20gms or 1/3 scoop enclosed

Modern-day horse-keeping deprives horses of the ability to roam vast areas, grazing and browsing a wide variety of plants from which they would normally derive minerals. Feeding Premium NZ Horse Minerals on a daily basis delivers these essential nutrients thus compensating for this otherwise, serious disadvantage of being confined behind fences.

Formulated to be fed daily according to weight of the animal, the blend is suitable for ALL horses, ponies and donkeys, for all breeds and ages.

Premium maintains optimal health for horses participating in all disciplines, from Trekking to Pony Club, Racing, Showing, Dressage, Jumping and Endurance. (Premium contains no banned substances)

Also ideal for – pregnant and lactating mares, breeding stallions


    • Weanlings, youngsters and elderly horses.
    • 15gms per 100kgs Live-weight
      On scoop enclosed 15mls = 15gms

      Feed the correct dose for the horse’s weight daily to ensure optimal nutrition.
      Eg 45gms (3/4 scoop) for a 300kg pony 75gms (1 rounded scoop) for a 500kg horse Start with a little and build up to full dose
      Mix into dampened plain feeds:
      Oaten chaff, copra, beet, linseed & salt More info
      Selenium is included at a rate of .28mgs per 15gms (ie 1.4mgs for a 500kg horse)
      Do not use at the same time as any other processed feed or product containing selenium, or any selenised fertiliser.
      Do not exceed the stated dose without veterinary advice.

    • Economical: Adding Premium NZ Horse Minerals to plain feeds like chaffs, beets, oats & barley is an economical way to feed your horse.
    • Accuracy: When feeding pre-mixed feeds which already contain vitamins & minerals, then you need to feed the exact amount recommended on the back of the bag, for the weight and workload, otherwise your horse will not be getting enough of the critical nutrients like copper, zinc & selenium.
    • No doubling up: If you are feeding several different products which contain vitamins & minerals then it becomes a ‘hodge-podge’, there will be some inevitable doubling up and you are liable to overdose minerals like selenium and cause toxicity issues.
    • Many people report that their horses movement improves after feeding the Premium NZ Horse Minerals for a couple of months. They seem to loosen up – this is because there are multiple causes for ‘stiffness’ and inflexibility besides arthritis.
    • Feeds the WHOLE horse: When you make the shift to the high fibre diet incorporating Premium NZ Minerals you will be amazed at the improvements in many aspects of your horse’s overall health, coat colour, hoof quality, movement and behaviour. No more need for products targeted at one part of the horse like the hooves. The difference in hoof quality is often spectacular.
    • Increased resilience: Keeping your horse well-nourished reduces susceptibility to many frustrating conditions such as mud-fever, sunburn, abcesses, sarcoids, and viruses.

The term ‘organic’ when applied to minerals, doesn’t mean ‘made without sprays’. It means the mineral is already attached to an amino acid and therefore is ready for immediate absorption.

This doesn’t insinuate that inorganic forms of minerals are ‘bad’. Some inorganic forms are beneficial too for certain metabolic processes.

 Typical Analysis    Elemental Level/kg

(Chelated & Non-Chelated) 

Phosphorus 47gms
Magnesium    63gms
Boron     1760mgs
Sodium         60gms
Chloride    93gms
MSM (organic sulphur)      97600mgs
Zinc (Chelated)  11736mgs
Copper (Chelated)   3300mgs
Iron (Chelated)   180mgs
Manganese (Chelated)   3444mgs
Cobalt                53mgs
Selenium (Organic)   19mgs
Iodine                       256mgs
Chromium (Chelated)  48mgs
Vitamin A    464159 I.U.
Vitamin D3 150000 I.U.
Vitamin E   10000mgs
Vitamin K3 188mgs
Vitamin B1  14896mgs
Vitamin B2  1312mgs
Vitamin B5 1686mgs
Vitamin B6      1843mgs
Vitamin B12 16mgs
Inisitol                                        17028mgs
Niacin  5684mgs
Biotin 40mgs
Folic Acid  66mgs
Fulvic Acid      14000mgs
Silica    14000mgs


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