Premium Minerals MVA 4kg


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Daily Amount: 20gms per 100kgs Live-Weight
One scoop enclosed = approx. 70gms
On scoop enclosed 20mls = 20gms
Start with 118th of amount and build up to full amount. Only ever feed the correct amount at all times.
Selenium included at a rate of .28mg per 20gms per 100kg
(eg. 1.4mg for a 500kg horse)
Do not use at the same time as any other product containing selenium or selenised fertiliser. Do not exceed stated amount or frequency without a veterinarian.

Approximate guide to weights:
(For accurate weights: weigh empty horse float, then again with horse inside)

Small Pony: under 12.2hh < 300kg
Large Pony:           12.2-14.2hh       300 – 400kg
Hack:                     14.2-16.2hh       400 – 50kg
Heavy Hack:           16.2hh+  >550kg


TWO products in one: 

All the benefits of Premium NZ Horse Minerals plus amino acids; the building blocks of protein.

Premium NZ Horse Minerals are ideal for the majority of customers.
Premium MVA is for those whose horses are working harder or needing more because they are pregnant, lactating, growing or working hard.

Contains all essential Vitamins & Minerals including selenium plus ALL the amino acids. Dose rate is 20gms per 100kgs. For minis weighing 120kgs that is only 25gms or 1/3 scoop enclosed. An ideal size for people with minis or small ponies.

(& Supreme Vit & Min in Australia)

If these products were good before they are even better now each dose delivers substantially more of this very beneficial B Vitamin.

Biotin is known for its effectiveness as a hair-coat and hoof supplement but has other important roles along with other B Vitamins, in the conversion of feed into energy for growth, work, and reproduction.
Biotin is also important for carbohydrate, fat, and protein metabolism and proper functioning of the thyroid and adrenal glands and the nervous system.

Horses are able to obtain biotin from the process of fibre fermentation by the flora in the hindgut. A very good reason for making sure your horse has plenty of mature grass and hay in his daily diet. Therefore any changes in the diet which upset the hind-gut flora will result in less biotin being synthesised by the microbial population.

Biotin is found in soybean meal, lucerne, rice bran, and molasses. The trouble is these are the very feedstuffs that need to be avoided for horses prone to being grass-affected.
For this reason, to make sure your horse doesn’t miss out, biotin levels have now been increased in the Premium MVA (and the Supreme Vit & Min in Australia).

Poor-quality hoof horn along with weak hair-growth (most obvious in manes and tails), do not necessarily correlate with low levels of biotin in the blood. However studies have shown that horses do respond to mega-doses of biotin given orally in their feeds. 
The Premium MVA and Supreme Vit & Min now deliver a generous 25-30mgs per dose for a 500kg horse, to give you an example. (Being a water soluble vitamin there is no chance of toxicity either).
Biotin only improves the growth of new hoof horn, not the existing hoof. 
Because of this, the results of biotin supplementation take the length of time necessary for the hoof wall to completely grow out and replace itself which is 8-12 months. You will observe this difference growing down from the coronet within 3-4 weeks.

Proteins & Amino Acids…

Proteins are the building blocks of new tissue required during growth, lactation, pregnancy, repair for working, endurance, competition and racing horses.

Proteins are composed of units called amino acids. Some can be synthesised by the horse whilst some have to be supplied in the diet.
They are used to build muscle, bone, blood components, enzymes that catalyze
biochemical reactions, hormones, peptides, and antibodies.

The CP or Crude protein content you see on labels does not mean that required levels of specific amino acids are being met.

Twenty different amino acids are needed for protein synthesis and all 20 are supplied in
Premium MVA including Lysine, methionine and threonine, three of the essential amino acids in most demand during protein synthesis in the horse.

Building TopLine

It’s not about shoveling in truckloads of feed.
You can waste an awful lot of money doing that, as many of you have already found out!
When you feed the whole horse correctly, everything comes right, including topline.

The topline of a horse is made up of big long muscles which need to be well nourished in order to be ‘plumped up’ to give the horse a good topline.
The number one cause of loss of topline is a chronic lack of salt, because sodium is required to help transport nutrients, especially glucose, across the cell membrane. Without sufficient salt, the nutrients are not going to get where they need to go and no matter how much food you shovel in, the horse will not put on any weight.
The next thing to understand is that to make or repair muscle, many nutrients are required including Amino Acids.

It is not about adding calories so much as feeding the right stuff.

Anything that causes the horse to ‘switch on’ or contract the muscles of the back and neck, such as an  ill fitting saddle, or a backward pull on the both reins, will cause the horse to brace IE turn on the very muscles which we need him to relax in order for the blood to flow in with all the nutrients.

The muscle has two phases, when it is turned on it, it contracts – or shortens, and all the blood is squeezed out. When it releases – or relaxes, all the blood flows in, bringing with it all the nutrients required for proper muscle function.

So creating a topline is a combination of the right nutrition with the right riding!
*Fat horses do not necessarily have a great topline.


 Typical Analysis    

Elemental Level/kg

(Chelated & Non-Chelated) 












MSM (organic sulphur)


Zinc (Chelated)


Copper (Chelated) 


Iron (Chelated)  


Manganese (Chelated)  




Selenium (Chelated)  




Chromium (Chelated)    




Vanilla Flavour 


Vitamin A

746263 I.U.

Vitamin D3 

167909 I.U.

Vitamin E 


Vitamin K3


Vitamin B1  


Vitamin B2 


Vitamin B5 


Vitamin B6 


Vitamin B12






Vitamin C 






Folic Acid   


Fulvic Acid  


Amino Acids 


Arginine   6500mgs
Alanine 4878mgs
Aspartic Acid  7194mgs
Cystine  1733mgs
Glutamic Acid 14354mgs
Glycine 3628mgs
Histadine 1807mgs
Isoleucine  3597mgs
Leucine 24192mgs
Lysine 85378mgs
Methionine 36820mgs
Phenylalanene 4379mgs
Proline  3784mgs
Serine 4035mgs
Taurine  39656mgs
Tyrosine 6590mgs
Valine 4754mgs


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