Heiniger Clipper Blade Set




Blade Set 35F/17

By popular demand, our brand new 35F/17 large blade sets are now available in Australia & New Zealand. Experience stunning results unlike anything we’ve offered before – you’ll have to see it to believe it!

  • Ideal for clipping close to the skin.
  • 1-2mm cover.

Blade Set 18/15

  • For thick, long or frizzy coats
  • 2-4mm cover

Blade Set 21/23

  • For dirty coats and cattle clippers.
  • 2-4mm cover.

Blade Set 31/15

  • For a clean horse coat.
  • 2-4mm cover.

Blade Set 31F/15

  • Fine horse blade set.
  • 1-2mm cover.

Blade Set 31F/23

  • For a perfect finish on horse coats.
  • 1-2mm cover.

Blade Set 35/17

  • For horse and cow styling.
  • 2-4mm cover.

Blade Set 53/23

  • For surgical use.
  • 1mm cover.


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18/15, 21/23, 31/15, 31F/15, 31F/23, 35/17, 35F/17, 53/23

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