Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons




These flexible stirrup irons provide a certain sense of freedom and mobility in the saddle. They’re crafted so that the branch of the stirrup iron bends in response to pressure or movement from the rider’s foot. flexible stirrups seem to alleviate some of the stress exerted on a rider’s knees and ankles, These flexible stirrup Irons feature a rubberized covering over the top of the bendable jointed areas. Great especially for those riders who ride over jumps, prefer these flexible irons.
The flexible nature of these stirrups may also be a safety feature: In case of a fall, they’ll twist with the rider’s foot, allowing the boot to come free of the stirrup.
Because these stirrups provide little support, We recommend that they are not a good choice for beginner or novice riders, especially those just learning to jump. It is our opinion that riders with a secure, solid leg position should consider switching to these flexible stirrups.

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4 3/4", 4. 1/2"

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