Equinade Glo White Shampoo 2.5 L



Equinade Show Silk Glo Colour Shampoos

Equinade Showsilk Glo-Colour Shampoos have been formulated to give and even depth pf colour and add a healthy glow to coats. The rich colours and shine boosters will revitalize dull and patchy-coloured coats to create even tones and a bright, lasting shine. The shampoos have been pH balanced to be gentle enough to use on many show animals including horses, dogs, cats, cattle, goats, rabbits and fowl. Showsilk Glo-Colour Shampoos are concentrated and have high cleaning capabilities making them economical to use. Helpful Hint: When using Glo-Bay, Black or Chestnut on an animal with white socks or blaze, protect the white markings with a Conditioner before shampooing.

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