Elite Gastro Go




A new natural botanical formula effective in promoting a healthy gastric system that works 3 ways to support the healing of gastric ulcers and gastric imbalance.

1- Improves comfort fast! Ingredients are included to specifically improve gastric comfort. Temperament issues related to gastric discomfort are common. 

2 – Live culture probiotics help re-populate the hind gut with healthy bacteria in every scoop. 

3- Gently buffers stomach pH without excessive calcium. Calcium is a popular natural buffer to increase pH however the calcium:phosphorus ratio is one of the most important mineral ratios in horse health. An ideal ration is 1.5:1 and a ratio above 6:1 can interfere with absorbtion of other minerals. We have controlled the calcium level to that which can be used safely long term. 

Gastro Go is a tried and true formula that soothes the gastro intestinal tract fast and gives horses the nutrients they need to recover from gastric upsets and ulceration. Appetite often improves quickly within just a few days of feeding or syringing Gastro Go, also temperament improves.

  • Our customers tell us that Gastro Go gives obvious and significant positive change in temperament and appetite, more so than other products tried.
  • If your horse is lacking condition and topline and is fussy to changes in feed or has a poor appetite, GASTRO GO is highly recommended! 

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