Elite Equine Ultra Mag 500grm


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The magnesium in ULTRA MAG is in the form of a proteinate which is the highest quality most stable form of organic magnesium.

Magnesium proteinate has not been previously available in NZ until now.

ULTRA MAG is the ultimate in organic magnesium. There are 4 forms of organic magnesium and magnesium proteinate is the highest quality of them all. It is so effective that a smaller dose is needed.

Try it … we think you will be impressed!

Ultra Mag is available in 500g packets and has a 10g dose and a 3.33g scoop.

If you are wanting the calming influence of Ultra Mag then a half to full dose is recommended. However, if you merely want to avoid a deficiency then the lowest dose is sufficient in most cases. Ultra Mag is so effective that it will calm a horse not deficient in Magnesium.

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