Easy Step Mounting Block Assorted Colour


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Everyone could do with a hand to get on every now and then!  Not only is it better for you but also for your horse and saddle.  The Easy Step is weather resistant, durable and  sturdy.  Safety features include rounded corners, non skid surface, wide base for stability, no pesky lip at the bottom and a large top step.  They are easy to carry and transport in your float or truck (tip upside down and store equipment inside it for travel).

The steps weight less than 7kg and are available in a variety of colours – black, red, yellow, blue, dark green, pink, purple, apple green, teal, orange, and granite.  They are UV stabilized and will not become brittle.  Step heights on the block are 25cm, 40cm and 55cm approximately.

Please enquire of colours available in store 

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