Easy Change Riser System Bates/Wintec

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Custom fit your saddle to your horse’s changing shape in minutes!

Together the EASY-CHANGE® Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE® Riser System offer a total fitting solution for your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind. All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical and completely reversible, ensuring total confidence in your ability to custom fit your saddle to your horse’s changing shape for optimal comfort and performance. It’s EASY!

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Pony Front 4mm, Pony Front 8mm, Front 4mm, Front 8mm, Front 12mm, Front 16mm, Center 4mm, Center 8mm, Pony Rear 4mm, POny Rear 8mm, Rear 4mm, Rear 8mm, Rear 12mm, Rear 16mm, Pony Kit Set Of Each Pony Sized Shimm, Standard Kit Set Of Each Standard Sized Shim

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