Duckback Oilskin Coat Dressing 6oz


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• Waterproof oilskin dressing

• Easy to apply and store

• Great for re-waterproofing Oilskin garments

Since 1983, the Outback name has come to mean fine oilskin apparel. Using premium fabric and skillful craftsmanship, we offer the best waterproof oilskin apparel to fit any lifestyle. Superior materials and workmanship, authentic styles, new ideas and rugged details all combine to assure comfort in rain or shine.

Oilskin is a cotton fabric that is infused with oil, thus leaving you with a durable material that repels water, “water, and oil don’t mix!” Since the years of the Wild West, Outback Trading has evolved the oilskin fabric into fashion forward garments, without damaging the integrity of the fabric!

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