Big Red 24 Piece Mini Bags


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Only the highest quality ingredients are used to hand make our amazing biscuits where we use freshly grated whole carrots in our Carrot biscuits, with yummy juicy apple puree in our Apple ones, natural sweet molasses for our Molasses biscuits, and tasty granulated garlic in our Garlic cookies just perfect for winter cold treats. We also have scrumptious spicy cinnamon flavour and a fantastic Herbal flavor with thyme, rosemary for that extra healthy treat for your very special equine friend. Yummy crushed Flaxseed with a distinctly nutty flavour,. A fabulous healthy Turmeric and Black Pepper biscuit as well. Rocksalt & Vinegar and a Whole Fennel Seed Cookie has just hit our stores of flavours now baked for your equines.


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